snd-bt-sco: a Bluetooth headset driver for ALSA

This is a driver for the Linux ALSA sound system. It provides basic support for Bluetooth headsets.

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28/07/2004 Niko Berger has integrated the driver as a patch for Linux 2.6.7.


The original Linux driver was written in September 2003, but I have since started using Mac OS X, which has built-in support for Bluetooth headsets. As a result, I personally don't have any need for this driver.

I have now updated it to work with Linux 2.6.4 due to the many messages I have received requesting such support. Ultimately, however, this driver is not the proper way to implement headset capabilities, and somebody else will hopefully come up with a better solution.

The code will not be maintained any further by me, nor will I provide support, so please do not ask me to fix bugs. It may be worth discussing any problems on the bluez mailing lists, where other people who have had success may be able to help.

If you can fix any bugs yourself, please pass on patches, which I will make available here.

Change Summary

This driver (snd-bt-sco) is an updated version of the older snd-bluez-sco driver.

More Information

The README file contained in the distribution is available.

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Old Version

The previous version for Linux 2.4.23 is still available. Bugs that have been fixed in the version for Linux 2.6.4 are still present.